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  Never Change your email address again  

Choose you own family email address and never have to change it again

even if you change your Telco. 

for as low as NZ$62 per year we will provide you with
2 personalised email addresses
(additional addresses only NZ$15 )

example 1: say your family name is Huber
your email address's could be and

example 2: say your family name is Miller
your email address's
 could be amanda@themillers. and

You might currently have a Gmail address or an address
at say at Vodafone we can link at no addition cost
your old or existing email address to your family email address.

No more hassles if you change your Telco
always keep your own family address

Sign up for this and we can have you up and running in 24 hours or so

call Keith on +6421658899  or NZ 021658899  today


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